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15.08.20 • Interface XXVII • Kiel (Germany)
24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Wednesday, 28. Apr. 2004Comments / Date
Emulator: Aosolin 0.8.24 (AmigaOSoverLinux)0
Tulip presents the "C64 Mini Game Console"0
Map editor for Tales of Tamar0
Motorola/Freescale announces forthcoming PPC product line0
BabelDoc V2.9 released0
New download link for PegXMac (for newly registered users only)0
"5. Amiga-Meeting Nord" in Bad Bramstedt0
 Tuesday, 27. Apr. 2004 
Pegasos: PegXMac available (Update)329. Apr. 11:21
 Monday, 26. Apr. 2004 
New IDE for AmigaOS0
Short-software-news: Updates at amiga.sourceforge.net0
Review: USB-Stick "Pendrive" with Amiga (English)0
MorphOS: CPU-Monitor (Update)0
 Saturday, 24. Apr. 2004 
Amiga ports of avilib, bzlib and libxm120
Hyperion and the MicroA1 at the AOS 4 event in Essen0
MPEG player: RiVA 0.480
Tool: SRename 3.9.00
Amiga-User-List: Old GAUHPIL website deactivated0
 Friday, 23. Apr. 2004 
Soon AmigaOne with AmigaOS-Prerelease available0
Forgent sues for licence fees for JPEG0
Pictures of the Amiga-party in Maarssen, Holland0
MorphOS: Strategy game "Stratagus"0 Further mp3s for download0
KickFlash OS4: New firmware 1.3 available0
Genesi announces CPU-cards with IBM 750GX0
Mind game: NIM0 updates0
 Thursday, 22. Apr. 2004 
CD Tools: PhotoAlbum 1.0 Released as Freeware0
SongPlayer v1.62 now also available for AmigaOS0
Genesi named Hewlett-Packard Business Development Partner0
 Wednesday, 21. Apr. 2004 
Demo scene: Where should the next Breakpoint party be held?0
AmiAtlas: Important note about your registration0
New screen shots and information regarding Papyrus Office (update)0
Exhibition on tour: Century of the computers - understanding computers0
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Apollo team launched AROS-based operating system project (10. Aug.)
Commercial Workbench distribution: Amikit XE for Vampire (06. Aug.)
MorphOS celebrates 20 year anniversary (04. Aug.)
Desktop Publishing: RNO Publisher for all Amiga systems (30. Jul.)
Cloanto opposing registration of US trademark 'Amico' (27. Jul.)
Changes in Hyperion's Management (15. Jul.)
Jump'n Run: "Fred's Journey" now also available as a Boxed Edition (13. Jul.)
Individual Computers: New power supply units can be preordered (06. Jul.)
Individual Computers: Indivision AGA Mk3 can be pre-ordered (04. Jul.)
Company history: Commodore's involvement in a financial scandal in 1965 (01. Jul.)
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