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14.-16.02.20 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Friday, 01. Aug. 2003Comments / Date
Yahoo! Groups Service Changes on August 7th, 20030
GAUHPIL: Many areas updated0
Poseidon: Registration process closed0
Warp datatypes v45.4 released0
Powerpoint presentations in the Amiga Hollywood format0
Update: VCD Save now saves audio tracks0
Amiga Update newsletter by Brad Webb #0307310
 Thursday, 31. Jul. 2003 
AMIGAplus 07-08/2003 - Shopping-Time0
WHDLoad: New packages up to 31st July 20030
OpenAmiga On the Lookout for a Logo0
Beta-WarpOS-Version of Duke Nukem 3D Released0
AmigaOS 4.0 on Tour in Dänemark0
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Also for Xbox0
AmigaOS 4.0: Präsentation in New York0
Neue Hollywood Presentation Appears0
 Wednesday, 30. Jul. 2003 
Wanted: Programmer or team for Digibooster Professional0
Crossfire II and a evaluation abonement of the Amiga Future as a special offer0
Elbox: Free Terratec 512i Digital with Purchase of Mediator0
Editor: Servicepack 2 for MorphED released0
 Tuesday, 29. Jul. 2003 
Hardware Assistent: DD2AG Version 0.2 appeared0
Amiga Future: Interview with Andreas Falkenhahn0
DTP: PageStream 4.1 Pro0
 Monday, 28. Jul. 2003 
VCD-Ripper released0
First Hardware Assistent Homepage0
Hints for the download of MorphOS 1.40
Videoplayer: Frogger Version 2.070
APUC Amiga Professional User Club0
AmiWest: MP3-Interview with Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco0
AmiWest: Ben Hermans AmiWest AmigaOS 4 Presentation0
AmiWest: Ben Hermans Q&A MP3 available0
AmiWest: Alan Redhouse Q&A MP3 available0
 Sunday, 27. Jul. 2003 
QUAG: More pictures from the AmiWest 2003 Show0
Polarboing: Interview with Fleecy Moss0
USB: SUBWAY available again0
Daniel Miller's Amiwest 2003 Show Report Part II0
amigaFoulEggs - a new Tetrislike game has been finished0
Hollywood Video released129. Jul. 13:45
Aminet uploads until 27.07.20030
Daniel Miller's AmiWest 2003 Show Report Part I0
 Saturday, 26. Jul. 2003 
ACBB-Homepage not available0
First pictures from the AmiWest 20030
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 Latest Top-News
Free USB adapter for input device: HID2AMI (16. Nov.)
USB interface for reading and writing floppy disks on PC: Greaseweazle (16. Nov.)
Hardware extension: "A314" adds internal Raspberry Pi to A500 (15. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Arena shooter 'Blastaway' (12. Nov.)
Commercial puzzle game: Vegetables Deluxe (09. Nov.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 141 (06. Nov.)
Vampire team distributed pirated software during 'Vampire Standalone' launch (04. Nov.)
Announcement: New FPGA Amiga implementation M5 (03. Nov.)
Acquisition of Amiga: Summary of Mike Battilana's speech at Amiga34 (Update) (01. Nov.)
Crowdfunding: Mechanical Amiga-500/1200 keyboards (31. Oct.)
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