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3-4.12.22 • World of Commodore • Toronto (Kanada)
27.-30.12.22 • Zenta-Demoparty • Bingen am Rhein (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Gro▀ensee (Germany)

 Monday, 25. Feb. 2002Comments / Date
Statement by Alan Redhouse about AmigaOne227. Feb. 21:05
Amiga Inc. guest of Microsoft0
Shareware-Re-Release of Frontier Elite II0
Turrican 4 (Codename TIV): Pixel artists wanted0
File manager: DiskMaster 2.5RC20
e.p.i.c.: The Feeble Files is shipping0
Lightwave-utilities: new version of Lightwave Particle Animatior, PPC Support0
MP3: mp3Play Version 2.020
Beta testing for Quake2 (WarpOS) needed (Update)0
 Sunday, 24. Feb. 2002 
Game: Results of the "AGC Awards 2001"0
Games: AmigaOnlineGames is back again0
CD│▓-Emulator: Project32 V2.00
Video: SoftCinema V0.170
DBPro-Competition: Only 4 days left...0
MP3: Registration for mp3Play possible0
AmigaOS: PPC native version of Picasso96 for AmigaOS 4.x0
Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.21R10
Elbox: MediatorUP 2.90
Elbox: Mediator Multimedia UP 1.13124. Feb. 12:31
Test: Bridge adapter IDE for SCSI + 100 GB harddisc in Amiga0
Hardware: Internal CD-rewriter + DVD-Rom drive PlexCombo 20/10/40/-12A0
Hardware: CD-rewriter Plextor: 40x rewriter for the ATAPI interface0
Functional AmigaOne was presented on alt.WOA0
 Saturday, 23. Feb. 2002 
Magic Menu v2.340
Kultpower: Amiga Joker special, new reviews and cover scans0
Game: New MorphOS-Version of ScummVM 0.1.00
Editor: GoldED syntax parser for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and more0
Magazine: Issue 107 (March 2002) of famous Commodore 64 magazine0
PC: H&P takes on the distribution of Xara in Germany0
Messenger: AmigAIM BETA Version 0.94410
Fr3dY's Software Updates: RipMIME V2.15 - Normalize V0.7.20
Game: WarpSDL Library v0.3 for WarpSCUMM0
Amiga Inc.: New Executive Update from Bill McEwen0
c't 05/2002: test of emulation software Amithlon, Amiga XL und WinUAE0
 Friday, 22. Feb. 2002 
Genealogy: Initial demonstrative Dynastie version released0
Finance software: Bonds Version 1.86 available0
CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3 for G-Rex owners has been released0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 21.02.2002)0
Elbox: Warp3D for all A3000 & A4000 Mediator models0
Computer City: Special-offer for visitors of the Alt-WoA show0
HighAnt Development at new URL0
 Thursday, 21. Feb. 2002 
5.000.000 website visitors :)123. Feb. 02:13
CD32-Emulator for Windows: Akiko v1.40
Apex Designs: Payback report about AmigaDE port0
New survey: How do you access the Internet at home?0
Amiga Arena: Bargain price news and interview with Marcin Kielesinski0
GFX-BASE: Interview with Marcin Kielesinski0
 Wednesday, 20. Feb. 2002 
Get Your GetBoinged Merchandise Now0
Painting programm: Update of Polish catalog for PerfectPaint0
Status report of porting of Mozilla0
Golem: Be accuses Microsoft0
Face of Mars: New Amiga freeCD: Pinball Nights0
Kultpower: 39 new pages ASM-feedback0
... A historical moment ... (update)422. Feb. 19:58
ExoticA: Menus 'Scenery' and 'UnExoticA' updated0
MorphOS: Documentations in HTML, PostScript, PDF and text online0
Event: AmiGBG 2002 in G÷teborg - Newsletter #30
Tool: MultiReset Version 4.310
Installer: WHDLoad Version 15.0 and new packets (until 19.02.2002)210. Oct. 12:38
Update of the programm apus_start for SuSE Linux PPC0
 Tuesday, 19. Feb. 2002 
Amigabest: New TV-Card drivers for Amithlon0
Warp3D software render driver0
Browser: AWeb-II - New JFIF/JPEG Plugin Version 1.100
Titan Computer: AlienNations Website online0
Amiga Ring: Status update0
Game: Freespace Update for PPC and 68k0
Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) - Compilation CD0
Dealer: Turtle Lightning Amiga Software (Texas) goes out of business0
AROS Update from 12.02.20020
Amiga Future: New Q2 Screenshots0 Minor changes for "Title-Only"-view0
Virus Help Denmark: Virusz III v0,96 bug0
Hyperion chat on #AmigaFun from 18.02.2002 log available0
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Point'n Click adventure: NEONnoir (01. Nov.)
Turn based strategy: playable preview for "Settle the World" (update) (01. Nov.)
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