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16.-17.10.21 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
05.-07.11.21 • Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Saturday, 15. Jun. 2002Comments / Date
Filesystem: SmartFileSystem version 1.1950
Grimme-Online-Award for Telepolis0
DCE: new pictures of G3 CPU card production0
Amiga Arena: full version "Flamingo Tours ECS"0
RC5-64: 80% of the possibilities calculated0
OnyxSoft: updates of BackUp, DRemind, MultiRen and Detris0
Golem: new GeForce4 graphics cards by Asus, Gainward and Visiontek0
A.D.A.: Demo archive updated - new sort functions and much more0
Event: Saturday 15 June: Commodore meeting0
Event: O.A.S.E. postponed until September 20020
 Friday, 14. Jun. 2002 
Audio Player: AmigaAMP Final-Version 2.90
E-Zine: Obligement 33 is now out0 IP-address has been changed0
AmiGate with new design0
CCC: Establishment of the European Digital Rights (EDRI)0
 Thursday, 13. Jun. 2002 
Bill Buck und Raquel Velasco Comment on Pegasos, MorphOS, AmigaOS40
GFX-BASE: Interview with Emanuele Cesaroni in German0
Printer: New Driver for HP Deskjet 600C/400C3322. Apr. 08:49
Modem: SoloControl Version 1.10
AmigaOS XL: Experiences with the H&P Big Tower 1800+ (Version 1.23)114. Jun. 06:57
AMIGA Aktuell 06/2002 has Appeared0
Elbox: MIRAGE for A3000D Available after 21st June, 20020
 Wednesday, 12. Jun. 2002 
AmigaOS 3.9 Update0
Haage & Partner: Summerfresh Offers0
Gary Peake after heart attack on the way of recovery514. Jun. 13:28 under new direction0
CDTV- und CD32 Websites with a new layout0
Programming language: New MMU module for PowerD0
SDL game: Crimson Fields 0.2.40
osOpinion: Amiga, Inc: Close That Open Hardware!314. Jun. 07:04
DCR8520: bibcursed v2.0.0 - Anubis v3.0.2 - barkix v1.0.20
 Tuesday, 11. Jun. 2002 
Falke34: Homepage online again and Bekuna Version 1.9R40
Hardware: Serial ATA (SATA) - The new port for hard drives0
 Monday, 10. Jun. 2002 
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 11.06.2002) (Update)0
AmiBlitz V2.26 new distribution with extended documentation (Update)0
Programing: BlitzBasic - BSP2B3D Converter Version 0.3 (Update)0 Interview with Olaf Barthel by Pods0
Demo-Scene: SECRETLY! - In memory of Jan Horn0
 Sunday, 09. Jun. 2002 
Magazine: Linux Gazette #790
TrueType Font Rendering: ttrender.library V3.10
Tool: MCP V1.390
XFree86: Open Source 3D driver for ATI Radeon 8500 announced0
Music: Bars'n'Pipes V1.140
Digital Almanac III and Amithlon0
Little Book of Amiga Software: Games list updated, 14 new entries0
Browser: Further development of AWeb at
Datatype: wbmpdt V1.0 for WAP bitmap images0
Amiga Future: Raffle to new FAQ0 Download area0
Amiga Future: Review of the game 'Chips'0
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 Latest Top-News
Hollywood: APK Compiler 4.0 released (19. Sep.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 2.6 (12. Sep.)
RTG driver: P96 v3.1.2 (11. Sep.)
Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.10 (AmigaOS 3/4) (26. Aug.)
Tetris clone: Crazy Columns 1.02 (23. Aug.)
RTG driver: P96 v3.1.1 (20. Aug.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 2.4 (17. Aug.)
Web browser: IBrowse 2.5.5 (15. Aug.)
Magazine archive: Amiga Future Archive DVD #5 (14. Aug.)
New edition of the Amiga 500: THEA500 Mini (10. Aug.)
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