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20.08.22 • Interface XXXI • Klausdorf (Germany)
15.-16.10.22 • Amiga37 • Mönchengladbach (Germany)

 Monday, 09. Jun. 2003Comments / Date
Aminet Uploads until 09.06.20030
Installer: WHDLoad - Additions since 08.06.20030
Fortnightly Q&A's with Fleecy Moss - episode 120
clickBOOM: S-Files 23 - History auction0
Boing Attitude: Photos of AmigaOne XE G4/8000
New Midi-Sequencer "Horny" by Inutilis Software0
 Sunday, 08. Jun. 2003 
Digital Almanac III v5.2 and AmiChess v2.0 released0
AmigAIM 0.9445 Beta released0
New maps for Payback0
Please vote in the CAPS community poll!0
Official screenshots of AmigaOS 4 published0
 Saturday, 07. Jun. 2003 
Virus Help Denmark: VirusZ v0.9e0
Bjorn Lynne: sneak preview for a new audio CD0
Event: 2. LinuxWochen in Vienna from June, 5th to 7th 20030
Photos of "AmigaOS 4.0 on Tour" in Slowenia0
Amiga Arena: HD full version of Fatal Heritage0
Development of AmiATLAS being continued0
ImageConvert 2.1 with ImageMagick support0
DiscreetFX hiring artists0
Amiga OS 4.0 on Tour starts0
New Website: Annuaire Pegasos Francophone0
 Friday, 06. Jun. 2003 
USB-Stack: Poseidon Update V2.1b0
Video about the Pegasos-TV-Report on Hungarian television0
AmiWest 2003: Participation of Nova Design Inc.0
Worm Wars 7.5 published0
Amiga Games Hit Parade: Results of May/June 20030
Aminet Uploads until 06.06.20030
 Thursday, 05. Jun. 2003 
Gameport Driver v41.27 with Amiga/Catweasel PCI-Joystick Support0
Game: PairsNG Demo Available0
Eyetech: AmigaOneXE-G3 now available / G4 slightly delayed0
EBay Auctions to Get More Expensive after July 1st, 20030
AudioLabs: Preview Webpage for "ValveMaster" Established0
Music: Track List for the Soon-to-Be-Released CD Remix64 Vol. 20
Software Updates in Brief (5th June, 2003)0
Editor: Vim 6.2 - The Amiga memorial edition0
 Wednesday, 04. Jun. 2003 
Pegasos II: First information about the price scheme0
Golem: Gentoo now with Live-CDs for PowerPC also0
Golem: Cornice announces a new generation of mobile mini hard disks0
Emulator: Amiga Forever 5.3 released / invitation to the A30
 Tuesday, 03. Jun. 2003 
New Poll: Will you buy AmigaOS4 for your BlizzardPPC?0
Software Updates until 03.06.20030
Fair: News about Amiga Alpe Adria 2003 at 05.07.20030
Cloanto Releases Personal Paint 7.1c0
Club Amiga Magazine: Article about FFS from O. Barthel now free0
PC/DOS-Emulator: DOSBox Version 0.58 for MorphOS0
Aminet Uploads until 03.06.20030
Hyperion OS4 BPPC Survey0
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 Latest Top-News
ACube Systems: Production of Sam460LE boards finished by the end of September (10. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4.1: Enhancer Software 2.2 (09. Aug.)
MorphOS: TinyGL update V2202-08-05 (06. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4: M.A.C.E. Tower Defense (05. Aug.)
Trevor's Amiga Blog: Start of production for 'A1222 Plus' board not set (25. Jul.)
Amega 32: use Mega Drive gamepads on Amiga and CD32 (18. Jul.)
Apollo-Team: Manticore accelerator board for Amiga 600 announced (13. Jul.)
Interview: MorphOS developer Jacek Piszczek (12. Jul.)
Email client: New YAM Nightly Build provides AmiSSL 5 support (11. Jul.)
AmigaOS 4: Audio editor Rave 1.1 (22. Jun.)
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