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15.-16.10.22 • Amiga37 • Mönchengladbach (Germany)

 Thursday, 07. Nov. 2002Comments / Date
Amiga Quake2 Page Online0
Amiga Arena: Full Version of WBMenu`970
Audio: AHI/PPC 6 only for MorphOS and AmigaOS 40
Sendo Z100 Will Not Appear0
Pegasos in the Microwave and Three More Bundles0
ScummVM News: It's a SCUMMy job, but someone's...0
GFX-Base: Interview with Arkadiusz Wahlig0
Antivirus Program: VirusExecutor Version 2.280
Merlancia Industries Has Moved0
AmigaOne Complete Systems0
Amiga to create games and other content for Microsoft Windows ...0
Emulator: UAEx - Amiga-Emulator for the XBox0
AmigaSource: Exclusive interview with Ben Hermans0
 Wednesday, 06. Nov. 2002 
Elbox: Mediator Expansion Continues: Mediator PCI 4000Di0
Aminet CD #51 - October 20020
Elbox: New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card0
 Tuesday, 05. Nov. 2002 
AmigArt: Boot Log of ExecSG Kernel on AmigaOne G3 and G40
Austria: opens new store0
Audio: AHI 6 PPC in progress0
Emulator: MAME-MOS with AHI-Support0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 04.11.2002)0
Event: ARC 2002 - Info-space for shareware-authors at reduced prices0
Game: Saga Version 1.220
Multimedia authoring system: Hollywood available207. Nov. 01:32
Pixelartists and Coder for inofficial Turrican 4 needed0
 Sunday, 03. Nov. 2002 Betatester II Quickstart Guide0
Peter Hutchison: New printer and Amiga error guides0
CUCUG Status Register 10/20020
Pixel Art: Wallpapers for Pegasos and MorphOS0
Event: SAUG 20th Oct. 2002 - Photos of AmigaOne0
John Chandler: World of Amiga0
Event: WoASE 2002 - Photos and reports (update)0
Anti virus program: VirusExecutor V2.270
Game: dynAMIte V2.2a0
 Saturday, 02. Nov. 2002 
"Magic Engine" port for AmigaOS?0
Review of Sendo Z100 in magazine "Mobilfunknews"0
Event: first reports and photos from the WoA-SE 20020
New demo by Surprise Productions!0
Computer City: Amiga keyboards - Cherry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition now available0
Event: small pictures report from AmCluSt hardware meeting0
 Friday, 01. Nov. 2002 
Workbench-gallery update0
Eyetech: AmigaOneG3-SE and AmigaOne-XE Earlybird Systems now on sale!206. Nov. 11:07
Event: WebCam of AmCluSt meeting0
Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb #0210310
RC-FTPd offer at WOASE0
 Thursday, 31. Oct. 2002 
Website Covering Amiga 600 as MP3-Player Renovated0
A.D.A. presents Sulaco/Encore and additional screenshots202. Nov. 22:05
Classic Radio Shows on CD-ROM0
AROS: IRC Channel Moves to New Server0
The World's First 32-bit Game Console?304. Nov. 14:09
TurboCalc Going Open Source?0
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 Latest Top-News
Hollywood plugin: Iconic 1.0 released (23. Jan.)
Event: Amiga37 announced (16. Jan.)
Trevor Dickinson on: A1222+/Enhancer V2.x/From Vultures to Vampires Vol 2 (13. Jan.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 154 (07. Jan.)
AmigaOS 4: Web browser Odyssey 1.23 r5 (update) (02. Jan.)
RTG driver: P96 V3.2.1 released (28. Dec.)
AmigaOS 4.1: SDK V53.34 released (25. Dec.)
Hyperion Entertainment released AmigaOS 3.2.1 (21. Dec.)
Arcade-Adventure: "PETSCII Robots" erhältlich (21. Dec.)
BASIC compiler: AQB 0.8.0 (18. Dec.)
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