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 Thursday, 15. Nov. 2001Comments / Date
Game: "Dynamite" needs more active beta testers116. Nov. 06:19
Event: Seminar-events at AMIGA 20010
Event: More exhibitors at AMIGA 20010
Eternity: The 51,111th visitor wins a bonus0
Dreamolers: MP3TagEditor Version 2.00
Fr3dY's Amiga Web Page: Anubis v1.0.5 / xlHtml v0.3.9.50
Event: Dreamworlds Development on the show, too0
AudioLabs: ProStationAudio Titanium demo 5.01 (Update)0
Event: Elbox on AMIGA 2001 in Cologne0
Elbox: MediatorUP 2.6 & Mediator MM CD UP 1.080
Event: e.p.i.c interactive on the Amiga 2001 in Cologne0
ExoticA - Logo competition0
Event: UGN IRC conferences on the AMIGA 20010
Amiga Forever now available from individual Computers115. Nov. 05:00
 Wednesday, 14. Nov. 2001 
Amiga Arena: Interview with Sigbj°rn SkjŠret0 Opinion poll / Car sharing0
Event: H&P on AMIGA 20010
Great Freespace-presentation on the fair0
Online-magazine: Currently Starmag with new url0
Emulation: Playstation emulator FPSE 0.09, Amiga Revision 20
Mailbox: Stardate-bbs accessable again via Internet0
 Tuesday, 13. Nov. 2001 
First routines of Project Crashsite on the Amiga 20010
Amiga Arena: PuzzleBOBs0 Server Move finished0
Newsreader: New documentation for NewsCoaster0
StormC: New documentation0
Elbox: Mediator Pages Updated0
Video titling: MediaPoint News0
 Monday, 12. Nov. 2001 
MUI under Windows XP?0
VarIO archive extended0
Amiga Demoscene Archive - Database of the best Amiga demos ever released0
MUI Security Bug-Fix (Update)0
Absolute rarity to auction (CMB 8296)0
Individual Computers has licensed appp.device from Haage & Partner0
New Blitzbasic2 (now AmiBlitz 2)0
Workbench: Scalos Beta V40.14 / Homepage with new layout0
Nostalgica: Amiga Graphics artist + programmer Jim Sachs0
YAM 2.3p1 Bugfixing Release0
 Sunday, 11. Nov. 2001 
Payback: textures by Philipp B÷deker0
Tool: Martin R. Elsner on 'StopMenu'0
Programming: ODK updated0 CyberGraphX-BootPicLibraries, Amiga Advertising0
Amithlon: Looking for demo locations to add to list0
Virus Help Denmark: Safe V17.4, Encyclopedia extended0
GFX-BASE: Tutorial on Cut, Copy & Paste0
Game: dynAMIte Homepage - Link to Italian Review0
AmigaOS V3.9 FAQ: Links to PlayCD skins added0
Programming language: PowerD V0.180
SimpleMail V0.12211. Nov. 17:34
 Saturday, 10. Nov. 2001 
Amiga-Society Updates0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Dieter Groppe (MCP)0
New MagicMenu V2.32 Beta - from new tongue....0
YAWOASER (Yet Another World Of Amiga SE Report :)0
Magazine: test amiga-topcool now for free0
How to come to the Amiga 2001 in Cologne0
New beta version of the X-Surf ADSL driver0
Serious security leak in MUI Internet programs? (update)0
AudioLabs: ProStationAudio Titanium V5.00 Demo0
Messenger: AmigAIM BETA Version 0.94370
DigiBoosterPro homepage update0
PlanetLAN: background information about the Danish Connect120
Emulator: MAMEgui 1.1.4 for Amiga patch #00010
Aminet full text search engine with new URL0 is back0
 Friday, 09. Nov. 2001 
VarIO driver now also for Goldsurfer0
Skins for the OS3.9 audio CD player0
PageStream Universal Filter update V2.20
Linux: Debian 2.2r4 released0
DTP: PageStream 4.10
Route planner: AmiATLAS 6 available0
WHDLoad Website down0
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Hollywood 9.0 Addons released, APK compiler update (Update) (13. Apr.)
Commercial Shoot'em Up 'Inviyya' available (update) (12. Apr.)
Commercial platformer: Boxed edition of 'Putter' available (AGA) (10. Apr.)
Alinea: transparent hard plastic covers for Amiga CD32 (08. Apr.)
Hollywood APK Compiler 3.3 and Remedios 1.1 released (06. Apr.)
Web browser: IBrowse 2.5.4 (03. Apr.)
Audio player: AmigaAMP 3.29 (30. Mar.)
End user help wanted: VirusZ and xvs.library to become open source (30. Mar.)
AmigaOS 4: Enhancer Software 2 (28. Mar.)
ACube Systems: New Sam460cr production run (25. Mar.)
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