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16.-17.10.21 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
05.-07.11.21 • Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Tuesday, 21. May 2002Comments / Date
Amiga Arena: Interview with Jah (AmiSAT)0
eXec magazine: Unofficial AmigaOS 4 developer FAQ0
ANN: Fleecy Moss makes statement about MorphOS and Pegasos (Update)0
AmigArt: Small interview with Ben Hermans about AmigaOS 4.00
Tool: Pixload Version 1.720
Workshop: New power supply for the Amiga 4000T0
ToolsMenu V45.7 available0
Digibooster Professional stands before further development, if...0
 Monday, 20. May 2002 
Amiga Society: list updates0
Amiga Arena: 'DangerDogg' fullversion0
IRC-Client: BenderIRC Version 1.5b80
Amiga Future: Workbench-Gallery Update0
Virus Help Denmark: VirusZ III v0.9a0
Amiga Online Games: 100 games0
GFX-BASE: Review of DynAMite Special Collector's Edition0
Print magazine: TOTAL AMIGA issue 110
Tool: FSwatcher Version 1.40
 Sunday, 19. May 2002 
Audio: RAPlay V3.10
A.D.A.: Slideshows - Seven Seas, Never Liked UNO, Artcore0
Printers: HP DeskJet 900C driver V40.11 by Peter Hutchison0
Holidays: Amig@lien on holiday until May 26th, 20020
CyberGfx: CyberGraphX V4.3 RC50
Pegasos: Video by Thendic-France (Update)127. May 20:17
 Saturday, 18. May 2002 
AROS: server moving on 22nd of May 20020
Amiga Future: interview with Matthias Gietzelt (author of Emperor)0
Play!Amiga: PuzzleBOBS review0
Schatztruhe: holiday till 30.05.20020
Astronomy: developer status and price decrease for Digital Almanac0
Amithlon: second contribution archive released0
 Friday, 17. May 2002 
Amiga Society: Software updates0
Programming language: New moduls for PowerD0
ToT: Exchange of experiences with programmers and musicans wanted0
AGC: Polling formulars for May/June 2002 games-hitlist online0
Greg Donner: Updated Amiga-information0
GFX-BASE: DiamondBOX special - new version and Q&A session0
Call upon all Amiga-homepage owners0
Amiga Future: Scores wanted0
Tool: FSwatcher version 1.30
 Thursday, 16. May 2002 
RP-Online: X-Box Competitor? Atari Makes Comeback0
Golem: Counter-Strike Will Not Be Banned0
CCC: NRW-Censor Infrastructure On the Way Out0
New Website With Many Amiga Ports0
Jan-Erik Karlsson: New BetaScan Drivers0
Instant Messenger: JabberWocky V1.1 (4th Preview) Available0
Amiga Club Guide Updated0
AmiDog: Forum Has Moved!0
Emulator: FPSE Version 0.09 R3 (020515)0
INET DIAL v3.851 provides dynamic link to your Home Server0
Workshop to Photo CD Making Opened0
Astronomy: New from Digital Almanac0
News on the Status of Project Crashsite0
 Wednesday, 15. May 2002 
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 15.05.2002)0
Tool: Report+ Version 5.510
Audio: Tracks & Fields v1.050
bplan: Pegasos and MorphOS on German TV (3Sat)0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Mark Reynolds0 summer break from the 15th of July to August the 31st 2002217. May 14:45
IOSPIRIT: fxSCAN 4.0 with enhanced OCR-engine and PDF-Export0
New Up Rough Soundsystem Release!0
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 Latest Top-News
AmigaOS 4: Preview to Qt 6.2.0 (16. Oct.)
MorphOS: Adventure interpreter ScummVM 2.5.0 (11. Oct.)
USB-Adapter: Firmware update for Ryś MKII (10. Oct.)
AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.4.1 (Update) (06. Oct.)
Programming: 'Rust'-Support for Motorola 68000 announced (01. Oct.)
Hollywood: APK Compiler 4.0 released (19. Sep.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 2.6 (12. Sep.)
RTG driver: P96 v3.1.2 (11. Sep.)
Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.10 (AmigaOS 3/4) (26. Aug.)
Tetris clone: Crazy Columns 1.02 (23. Aug.)
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