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 Tuesday, 30. Oct. 2001Comments / Date
MCP with new version0
Amigaland having server problems0
bplan: Pegasos-System: Official presentation at Amiga 20010
File manager: DiskMaster 2.5RC10
Installer: New packages for WHDLoad (bis 29.10.2001)0
Chicago Tribune: Amiga is mentioned in issue about MacOS X0
New Portuguese Amiga-Website0
Betaversion of new FFE-Page0
DCE: GREX Soundcard drivers are available for download0
 Monday, 29. Oct. 2001 
Cloanto licences Picasso96 software (Update 3)0
Paintprogram: PerfectPaint V2.75b0
Virus Help Denmark: Virus Warning 'Harrier A'0
AMI Sector One wanting help for Perl/PHP/(My)SQL0
 Sunday, 28. Oct. 2001 
Tools: RealPlayerInfo V1.1, MiamiDX2Phonebill V1.00
Demo party: Spoletium 40
Digital Almanac III: Little error inside update0
Magazine: Clubbed #90
CGX: Snapshots of CyberGraphX V4.30
Workbench: WBStartEmu V45.2b0
Magazine: The Crypt #200
The amiNET.GUI has a forum again0
Tools: ClassAction V4.3, Choowin V1.11, StopMenu0
Virtual Dimension: Video interview planned, Star Empire reservation possible0
Game: Graphics competition for Schlachtfeld0
ExoticA overloaded0
History: The Commodore Billboard - Q1241 brochure0
 Saturday, 27. Oct. 2001 
Amiga Arena: "UropaČ HD" full version0 - roadmap0 now online with information0
Astronomy: Digital Almanac III - update and further news0
IRC-Kanal for GRex users0
New site about self built Amiga laptops online0
 Friday, 26. Oct. 2001 
New AmiATLAS website online0
Amiga Arena: Interview with James Daniels (programmer of Payback)328. Oct. 20:26
Blizkick - Bugfixed for the new (PCI)-Flash-ROM0
DiCaTool V0.810
Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library V33.360
GFX-BASE: New entries and review of Mira-WizARC0
Game: AQUA distributed by FORE-MATT0
OSNews: Interview with Guillaume Maillard of the BlueOS team0
Textviewer: Updated plug-ins for EvenMore0
Private G-REX 4000D performance tests by Andreas C. Schmidt0
 Thursday, 25. Oct. 2001 
Survey: Which system do you want to use 2002?0
Tool: ReqAttack Version 1.930
Database: MySQL version 4.0.0 for 68040 CPU0
Amiga Inc.: Amiga announces first release of its AmigaDE Player0
Video editing: New effect movies by Motionstudio0
 Wednesday, 24. Oct. 2001 
Society Updates0
AmigaRealm: Call for support of Amiga.org0
AMIGA-Magazine: Extracts from issue #11 online0
GetBoinged! an Amiga application listings website goes live!0
Software Update for Catweasel Floppy Controller0
H&P: Upgrade: ImageFX 4.5 is now available0
Golem: Slashdot interviewed: "Trying the impossible"0 EU wants computer-programs under protection by patent this year0
Eternity: AmigaOS XL-demonstrating system in shop0
Mick Tinker takes leave of Amiga market528. Oct. 11:16
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 Latest Top-News
Hyperion releases AmigaOS 3.2 (14. May.)
Top-Down-Racer: 'Super Sprint'-Clone Turbo Sprint (07. May.)
QEMU: Excursion of Amiga operating systems on non-native hardware (02. May.)
AmigaOS 4: New version 6.7 of audio driver for Intel HD Audio (27. Apr.)
Search engine and proxy: FrogFind! makes the web more IBrowse-compatible (22. Apr.)
AmigaOS 4: New game ports: Worlds, Eldritch, Gorynlich, new GL4ES SDK (21. Apr.)
Hollywood 9.0 Addons released, APK compiler update (Update) (13. Apr.)
Commercial Shoot'em Up 'Inviyya' available (update) (12. Apr.)
Commercial platformer: Boxed edition of 'Putter' available (AGA) (10. Apr.)
Alinea: transparent hard plastic covers for Amiga CD32 (08. Apr.)
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