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15.-16.10.22 • Amiga37 • Mönchengladbach (Germany)
20.-24.10.22 • AmiWest 2022• Sacramento, USA
04.-06.11.22 • Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Tuesday, 14. Sep. 1999Comments / Date
AMIGA-CTO Dr. Rick LeFaivre: AMIGA stays on course0
Open Letter to Tom Schmidt0
Amiga Executive Update from Thomas J. Schmidt0
OS3.5 presentation in Benelux0
Contents of BlackZone mailbox now completely online on Internet0
Paul Nolan releases Photogenics 4.20
WarpSNES V4.0 released0
Possible downtime of nordicglobal.com0
Amiga Info/AI Echo discontinued0
 Monday, 13. Sep. 1999 
AROS now completely online again0
The Phoenix Platform Consortium0
UAE - The Amiga Emulator0
AmiDog's Movie Player PPC-Version 1.21 released0
IBrowse 2.1 JavaScript Update0
Maxime Gambonis Website updated0
MP3 MPEG Hardware0
OS 5 reference also removed from AMIGA website0
Amigart: New forum implemented0
V³ Voyager SSL library update0
AHI V4 PowerPC status 12.09.19990
New LAME beta Version 3.260
Latest info about CamX/Camouflage project 11.09.9890
new Project: IMP - Amiga as Open Source0
End of int. Amiga User-List0
GeoWorld News0
MasterBlaster now Freeware0
new Version akMPEG Player 3.000
SEAL: Interview with Fleecy Moss0
Version Watch Offline... for duration?0
 Saturday, 11. Sep. 1999 
Wanted: Quantum Atlas II 2.1GB UW-SCSI0
Is the AmigaNG coming or not?0
AmigDog's Movie Player PPC-Version 1.20 released0
Customers able to protest against credit card misuse0
Boxer now available!0
Trogladite: Amiga's Turnaround0
 Friday, 10. Sep. 1999 
Wasted Dreams: Online registering now available0
BusinessWeek: Seems Gateway Isn't the Friend Amiga Fans Thought It Was0
Amiga Yellow Pages back again0
New sound processing software: Assampler0
Amiga: Buletin Boards, US employees removed from webpage0
Alicia Silverstone Bootup Archive updated0
AmigaAMP 2.7-Beta-5 available0
NoPiracy Discussion Forum temporarily closed0
New Version akMPEG Player 2.700
 Thursday, 09. Sep. 1999 
BattleDuel Version 1.7.1050
NovaDesign: ImageFX 4 Announced - Now with Animation!0
Amigart now with Amihoo!-service0
Press Release by AudioLabs: NL-editing system for Amiga and DraCo0
Iwin News0
 Wednesday, 08. Sep. 1999 
AmigaAMP 2.7 Beta0
Amithyst Online Magazine Issue 7 - Sept. 990
Sid4Amiga version 30
FutureZone: Give-Away-Trend reaches Color Laser Printers0
Dreamworld News: New "Between The Lines" site0
 Tuesday, 07. Sep. 1999 
fxPAINT right on schedule0
Photogenics 4.2 shipped to betatesters0
Ateobus.library version 3.0 now online0
Wipeout 2097 can now be pre-ordered0
SadJesterIcons Aurora Set Prerelease 30
Is the Microsoft Console coming?0
New: TextEditor.mcc and HTMLview.mcc0
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 Latest Top-News
DTP: Pagestream 5.1.2 update for Windows and MorphOS (06. Sep.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 4.0 (30. Aug.)
USB stick/keychains in Amiga-1200 and A500 look (29. Aug.)
Accelerator board: More information on replacement project of Buffee developers (28. Aug.)
ACube Systems: Production of Sam460LE boards finished by the end of September (10. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4.1: Enhancer Software 2.2 (09. Aug.)
MorphOS: TinyGL update V2202-08-05 (06. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4: M.A.C.E. Tower Defense (05. Aug.)
Trevor's Amiga Blog: Start of production for 'A1222 Plus' board not set (25. Jul.)
Amega 32: use Mega Drive gamepads on Amiga and CD32 (18. Jul.)
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