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Thomas Rudloff by eMail

Met@box: Informations about amiJoe1200
Some time ago, we asked Met@box about some info about the amiJoe1200 board, and recieved the following eMail by Thomas Rudloff:

This is the latest Info, newer will surely surface in one or two weeks based on the latest developments.

Up to 143 times as fast as an original Amiga(TM) 1200 (calculated by Motorola specifications at 333 MHz)

That's the amiJoe...
- the amiJoe1200 is the ideal CPU-expansion to bring the Amiga(TM) 1200 to the PowerPC(TM) era.

This does the amiJoe1200
By using the powerful PPC750 (G3) CPU, the high-performance backside cache and the PCI bridge, the Amiga(TM) 1200 turns into a modern computer. Due to the integrated 68k emulation, current Amiga software stays usable, while PPC(TM) native programs can make use of the full speed advantage.
The RAM expansion to up to 512 MB is done with PC66 SO-DIMMs common to the laptop scene. Of course, the amiJoe1200 has a real-time clock.
(More information at the title link.) (ps) (Translation: unk)

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