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Jan Andersen via eMail

VirusHelp Denmark: New Informationen on New Trojan
I have received some new info about the new trojan that was found on the 27'th of December. It is spread in an archive with the name "dcs-4k.lha". But the demo group have nothing to do with this new trojan. We have also been told that it is a guy from England and that he also made the "dkg-blum.lha" trojan, his name and address is known to Virus Help Denmmark. Thanks to Mikko for the new info.

Here once more the full information on the new archive (we had posted these on 12/27/2000 already):

Today we received a new 'lame' trojan. This trojan will delete your "sys:" if you run the program. At this time non of the anti-virus programs can detect this trojan, but in the next update they will be known.

The cure right now (If you have lost your SYS: to bad......), then you will have to try and get the files back with eg. DiskSalv, AB-Tools or VT-Schutz.

Here is some info about the infected archive:

Virus Type.... : Trojan
Trojan name....: 4KIntro.exe
Trojan size....: 4096 bytes (packed with StoneCracker 4.04)
: 6072 bytes (un-packed)
Archive name.. : dcs-4k.lha
Archive size.. : ? (Not known yet)

This archive has been send to all the antivirus programers.....

Thanx to Ryben Kozlak for the info and sending the archive to us.. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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