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Stefan Martens (ANF)

#AmigaFun: HBMonopoly online game
The #AmigaFun IRC channel on organizes and manages the second official HBMonopoly game of this month. It will take place on June 16th starting 6:00 pm.

The programmer of HBMonopoly will participate as well. HBMonopoly 2.6 is required. This version will be available from some people on the #AmigaFun channel should it not already be on the homepage.

The server which have to be configured in HBMonopoly will be named on the #AmigaFun channel. Important: you have to know how HBMonopoly works. We'll only explain how to log in. We'll assume that you have played at least one, two times against the computer.

In future we'll organize more HBMonopoly games. There's already a #AmigaFun-internal highscore list which you can have a look at on the #AmigaFun homepage. It will also contain the top 5 of all HBMonopoly games we'll organize in the future.

It is possible that after some games there'll be a surprise for the best gamer. The first HBMonopoly game starts Saturday June 16th, 2001 at 6:00 pm. Please note that Monopoly may take several hours, so you should have a full version of your TCP client (Miami, Genesis).

You'll find our #AmigaFun channel as follows:
You need an IRC client. For the Amiga there are AmIRC (shareware), BlackIRC (freeware) and EpicIRC (freeware). On our homepage, you'll find download links. You just have to enter:

Port: 6667
Channel: #amigafun

Should the server be down you can get access through the following server: (please enter without "irc.").

You can find more information, especially for IRC novices, on the #AmigaFun homepage. On this occasion I'd like to say that the homepage was entirely redesigned. You can choose between German and English language. (ps)

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