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Aminet Uploads until 16.06.2001
DKG-LIFX.lha         demo/sound 754K+Anarchy's 'Legalise It' 680x0/AGA/HD fix
PureBasic.lha        dev/basic  560K+V2.32 - Brand new powerful programming l
PureBasicUpd.lha     dev/basic  496K+V2.32b - Update for registered users (fr
DragnDrop14b.lha     dev/gui    129K+Update of dragndrop library - got new fu
WHDLoad_dev.lha      dev/misc   526K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha      dev/misc   134K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
fat95.lha            disk/misc   84K+Win95/98 compatible file system
GHAS.lha             docs/lists 204K+Maintenance Update: database of nearly 1
WHDIGamesE-F.lzh     game/patch 1.1M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesG-I.lzh     game/patch 1.3M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesJ-M.lzh     game/patch 1.9M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesN-R.lzh     game/patch 2.0M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesS-T.lzh     game/patch 2.8M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesU-Z.lzh     game/patch 1.0M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHD_HardDrivn2.lha   game/patch  43K+HD Installer for Hard Drivin' II
tiny3dV7.lha         game/shoot  98K+3D Tankshooter V0.7 (ONLY GFX-BOARDS)
X_Q.lha              game/wb     37K+A peg game on an "X" shaped board
3dgpl.lha            gfx/3d      46K+3DGPL V1.0 amiga link library 
acidtake.mpg         mods/mpg   3.4M+AcidTakeOver. Techno (MP3) tune from Emu
amphetarmx.mpg       mods/mpg   3.1M+AmphetamineRMX. Techno/Trance/House (MP3
cosmicspots.mpg      mods/mpg   3.4M+Cosmic spots. HardTrance (MP3) tune from
elephant.mpg         mods/mpg   3.3M+Elephant trunk. Goa/PsyTrance (MP3) tune
liquidpath.mpg       mods/mpg   4.4M+Liquid path. Goa/PsyTrance (MP3) tune fr
lovemem.mpg          mods/mpg   3.4M+Love memories. Techno/Trance (MP3) tune 
plutey.mpg           mods/mpg   3.2M+Plutey. Techno (MP3) tune from Emulate
soniceleph.mpg       mods/mpg   3.9M+Sonic elephant. HardTrance (MP3) tune fr
trappedspace.mpg     mods/mpg   4.3M+Trapped in space. Goa/PsyTrance (MP3) tu
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit   143K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
TheMPegEncGUI.lha    mus/misc    84K+GUI 4 Ncode, MusicIn, Lame, BladeEnc, Pe
APowerStuff_9.lha    pix/misc   644K+Pics from aMiGa=PoWeR magazine
AquaWB.lha           pix/wb     314K+OS3.9 Workbench in Aqua Style
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   31K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
ltools21_demo.lha    text/misc   46K+Dictionary and Document Translator
JustName.lha         util/cli    15K+A small utility to justify filenames
DragnDrop14.lha      util/libs  129K+Update of dragndrop library - got new fu
FWCalendar.lha       util/rexx  434K+THE calendar creator for FW & Pagestream
rmicon.lha           util/rexx   16K+ARexx script which deletes .info files (
envhandler.lha       util/sys    13K+A happyenv replacement (1.8)
Image2Icon.lha       util/wb     61K+Creates thumbnail icons 68k+WOS (1.19)

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