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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena special discount campaign
In co-operation with Andre Beer the Amiga Arena makes a special price for GeoWorld possible. GeoWorld is the only geography program for the Amiga that is still in development. Please visit for further information the GeoWorld homepage.

Amiga Arena - GeoWorld call
GeoWorld is one of the very few programs that stand out against the usual Amiga software. The developers have collected a huge amount of information and data to make GeoWorld as comprehensive as possible. Despite this such a program "lives" of its up-to-date data.

To make faster updates possible and offer furtheron an allround program the developers need your help. The following tasks are available:

  • Continuing the recollection of the nature data of the countries.
  • A co-operation on the information data of GeoWorld would therefore need an intellectual reception of the source texts made available (scanned encyclopedia pages, html/text files taken from the internet, partly in English) and put them into corresponding texts (e.g. description of a country's nature).
A free full version will of course be made available. Further fees - participation in sales returns - for appropriate extensive co-operation are possible but don't expect any wonders. People with interest may please mail to: Andre Beer.

Amiga Arena remark by Olaf Köbnik
Surely many of you wonder why this all? Sources for information are offered by the internet, and many programs for the PC do so, too. But I belong to the little number of Amiga users who are "Amiga only", and I personally think it is very valuable that such programs will be developed on the Amiga in the future. Additionally it is much more fun for me to use information sources on the Amiga. I can only ask you to support programs like AmiAtlas and Geoworld with feedback etc.! (ps)

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