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Benelux Amiga Show: first report (update 3)
Otis from the Amiga User Club Bremen has just given us first details about the show by phone. First of all it has to be said that the dance school where the event is taking place is overcrowded as many, many visitors have come. For the promoters of the show in any case a big success.

The event is taking place on two floors with the exhibitors being downstairs and the LAN party happening upstairs.

During the call I had the opportunity to talk to Martin Schüler from ESCENA who's working on the design of the AmigaOne board by Eyetech. The AmigaOne board is presented as prototype in second revision. The board isn't working yet. For now they continue step by step and every step done until now has worked without any problems. He'll try to give us more technical information during the day via email.

I just had again the chance to talk to Thomas from the AUC-HB, who gave us more impressions via telephone about the show. Those will be posted here as short notes as there'll be a full report done by the AUCB following tomorrow:

Petro Tyschtschenko hold the opening speech.

Interesting was the presentation of the PCI board Prometheus by Matay on which a Voodoo3000 graphics board was running. A version of the game ´Heretic II´ running on this board was shown so everyone could convince himself of the board's quality.

Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc. presented the SDK (Software Developer Kit) and was at disposal to answer questions. On this occasion the AmigaOS 5.0 planned for the year 2003 was mentioned.

On a Q&A round Fleecy Moss, Alan Redhouse, Martin Schüler and Jürgen Haage answered to the questions of the visitors.

Supplement 2:
At Fun Time World you find some photos of the show, and a comprehensive report will follow.

Supplement 3:
Here's the full report of Fun Time World. (ps)

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