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Aminet Uploads until 26.06.2001
TaskiSMS_BOS.lha     comm/tcp   171K+Bosnian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_DEU.lha     comm/tcp   167K+German translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_ESP.lha     comm/tcp   164K+Spanish translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_FRA.lha     comm/tcp   156K+French translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_ITA.lha     comm/tcp   159K+Italian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_MAG.lha     comm/tcp   159K+Hungarian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_POR.lha     comm/tcp   161K+Portuguese translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_RUS.lha     comm/tcp   143K+Russian translation for TaskiSMS
GDS-DISC11a.lha      demo/mag   1.9M+D.I.S.C.#11 by Gods (1st Release)
GDS-DISC11b.lha      demo/mag   1.9M+D.I.S.C.#11 by Gods (2nd Release)
SceneArchives.lha    demo/mag   1.3M+SASU v1.09: Ultimate Demo CDs-11 CD's (8
StolenData09.lha     demo/mag   1.1M+Stolen Data #9 by Anarchy (100%)
GfxSndSystemSr.lha   dev/c      284K+C++ Sources of an independant graphic/mu
millibar.lha         dev/c       57K+Millibar Barcode Library v 0.1
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   185K+V2.131 create pragma, inline, ... files
HunkFunc.lha         dev/moni    15K+V1.14 display executable file structure
Dismount.lha         disk/misc    4K+Dismounter for volumes and drives
PPaintHTML.lha       docs/hyper 665K+HTML Version of PPaint Guide
FltMate1.lha         game/2play 572K+4 player skydiving simulator. Disk 1/2
FltMate2.lha         game/2play 645K+4 player skydiving simulator. Disk 2/2
BRAlltimeleagu.lha   game/data    6K+All time greatest teams from Brasil for 
F1GP_2001.lha        game/data   10K+2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (24 June
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  723K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
aminano.lha          game/jump  127K+AMIGA Nanotech (ONLY GFX-BOARDS)
WormWars.lha         game/misc  731K+Worm Wars 6.7a: Advanced snake game
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  730K+V1.62 PSX MemoryCard Reader
imdbDiff010615.lha   misc/imdb  2.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
vdo_puls.lha         mods/vdo   565K+Pulse width [xm 14ch]
Alecos-WB.jpg        pix/wb     120K+A nice desktop 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos
carls_wb.lha         pix/wb      73K+Snapshot of Carl Svensson's Workbench
BareED.lha           text/edit  281K+Simple text editor which supports propor
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   26K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
GlowAttackFix.lha    util/misc    5K+A Guide for GlowAttack (That works)
ReqAttackUpd.lha     util/misc   77K+RAPrefsMUI 1.82
CopyReplace.lha      util/sys    19K+V1.18 powerful Copy replacement
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 259K+VirusExecutor v2.19
xvslibrary.lha       util/virus  55K+External Virus Support Library v33.26
AddItem.lha          util/wb     25K+Tiny helper to launch programs from tool

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