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Ben Yoris (E-Mail)

NO Voodoo3-drivers of Hyperion for Mediator?
With permission of Ben Yoris (pr-manager of Hyperion) we post an e-mail of the Amiga-Mediator mailing list. It says that Hyperion Entertainment could not agree about licencing of Voodoo 3 drivers with Elbox. That means that at least Hyperion will not produce drivers for the PCI-board Mediator.

Read now the full comment of Ben Hermans of Hyperion:

Response from Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment:

"Elbox and Hyperion did NOT come to an agreement about licensing Voodoo 3 drivers because Elbox insisted that the Mediator 1200 would be the very first PCI solution to be supported (of all PCI boards on the market regardless for which machine A1200 or A4000).

There never was discussion about delivery dates.

The fact of the matter was that Elbox wanted us to do something which was clearly impossible both practically and legally.

Practically: we can't "unsupport" the Matay Prometheus PCI solution. Drivers are shipping with the Prometheus for some time now and it's impossible to turn back the hands of time and allow the Mediator 1200 drivers to be shipped first.

Legally: We entered into a legally binding contract with Matay for driver support. They paid us, Elbox didn't. We cannot legally delay release of the Prometheus drivers (which are already released anyway) just because Elbox wants us to. This is a clear breach of contract and runs contrary to the requirement of good faith which is a general principle of contract law.

In short, Elbox was trying to impose an impossible condition on us and as a result we failed to reach agreement about Voodoo 3 drivers.

I have e-mails from several staff members of Elbox to back up these claims.

Despite numerous attempts we could not convince Elbox that Mediator 1200 users really could care less about the fact that the Voodoo 3 drivers for an A4000 solution were shipping first.

The result is apparently that there won't be any 3D drivers for the Elbox products unless Elbox drops this ridiculous condition. Or somebody could invent a time-machine.

As anybody could see at the Benelux show, the Voodoo 3 drivers are quite ready and could be adapted to the Mediator 1200 in a relatively short time.

Mediator 1200 users interested in Voodoo 3 drivers should e-mail Elbox explaining that they don't care if an A4000 PCI busboard is supported first as long as they can finally get their Mediator 1200 drivers.

The ball is clearly in Elbox's court."
Ben Hermans
Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment

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