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Thomas Igracki (ANF)

Filesystem: Workaround for SFS V1.84 on nearly filled-up partitions
Thomas Igracki wrote:
Using this little program one can change the size of a file.

This is very handy if one uses the SmartFilesystem and suddenly cannot delete files, any more ('Disk is full' error pops up).

This is a known bug of SFS (V1.84) which occurs on partitions which are nearly filled-up. What else this program is in aid of: I don't know. ;-)

Well, using this program one is able to delete files on such a partition, again. One just shortens any desired file on that partition (e.g. to 10 bytes) and deleting works, again.

This way for example: SetFileSize <file name> 10

I have to say thank you to Neil Williams for the information about that shortening a file 'fixes' this bug.

Thank you!

Download: SetFileSize.lha, and soon on Aminet in '/disc/misc'. (sd)

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