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Game: BabeAnoid Demo V1.1
Richard Fhager released a demo version of his Breakout game 'BabeAnoid', a graphically emotive designed game offering numerous features.

Development of this game started in Summer 1995. Meantime - after many further development and changes - 3,000 to 4,000 hours of work have been spend to develop the game. Only some level designs are missing to finally finish the game. But Richard Fhager wants to release the finished game only after he received enough feedback, e.g. in form of suggestions how to enhance it.


+30 Different Bonuses (Balls, Bats, Weapons, BonusLetters, Lemmings!..etc) 6 different Balls (Normal, Plasma, Shield, Fly, Rubber & Spike) Bats: 5 Sizes, Help-bat, Gold-bat (That will survive one enemy hit) Blocks: Moveable, Walls, Multi-hit, Lamps, Invisible, Round, Spawn etc... Weapons: Cannon and Laser (To use against enemies) Many Enemies: Tank, Invader, Morpher, Blocker and Enemy bat. 2 Teleporter sets, 2 hit-all-switches-to-open-gate sets. Fruit-bonuses to pickup, X-tra balls that gives more points for each save. Lemmings that can catch a ride with the ball(!) or be saved by the bat. Expandable ScoreBoard and Minimum-Batsize by using MegaBonus-system. Bonus-game by collecting letters B-O-N-U-S. Roofs, One-way zones, Pinball-like slides, Speed-zones, Bumps etc...

The game uses 32 colours (ECS) and was developed to require an Amiga with 68020 and 2MB FastRAM as a minimum equipment. If the settings are lowered it should also run on an Amiga with only 1MB ChipRAM.

Download: babeanoid_demo.lha (1,7M) (sd)

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