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Olaf Köbnik

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena full version!
In co-operation with Christian Steiner the Amiga Arena makes the release of "Sharks Multi Version 1.5 Final" possible!

SHARKS! is a skill game playing underwater. Our brave diver is away to search the sea ground for treasures. The area in which he is is full of sharks, though ..., so: BE CAREFUL !!! Collect as many treasues as possible and be aware of the sharks! Because of too little feedback by the users the further development has ceased!

Amiga Arena "File Cutter" code!
Stefan Berge has made the code of File Cutter available to the Amiga Arena!

File Cutter serves to split files. You can e.g. split a file of 8MB (animation, LHA archive) into several small files so that you can put this file with no problem shared over several disks for further transport. On another computer these files are put together to the original complete file again.

Amiga Arena full version
Beneath a Steel Sky: With permission by Revolution Software Ltd. (thanks to Tony W.) the readers CD of the Amiga Future 31 contains the original sales version of the presumably best action adventure for the Amiga until today. Very special thanks to: Jürgen B. who made the archive available to me. (mj) (Translation: wk)

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