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Martin R. Elsner

Tools: ClassAction v4.2 (update)
After a long waiting time it's now time to let the users enjoy: ClassAction V4.2 - The Next Generation!

Many proposals have been implemented, such as configurable icons, more images, better archive handling, easy configuration, many many new options, ...

You will find ClassAction on my homepage and soon in Aminet.

This will not be the last version - I have a list of other features that will be found in V4.3. But for today, accept this version - you can't loose!

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this version - betatesters, translators, and of course all users for their good proposals and encouraging words!

Update 08. July 2001:
ClassAction is a multifunctional file manager for the AmigaOS.
(mj) (Translation: wk)

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