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AMIGAplus newsletter

Event: AMIGA World 2001 website online
The website of the AMIGA World 2001, which is held from 20th to 22nd September 2001 in Cologne together with the maxpo2001, can from now on be reached at and contains the first, preliminary information. The English version should be available this weekend.

If you want to book a booth at the show, please note that the definitive deadline for booking is the 31st July. Later bookings are not possible.

Please send organizational or technical questions to If you are an exhibitor and want to publish news on the show website, please send them to

Please note also that the phone and fax numbers of the show organizer falkemedia have changed. The new numbers are (+49)-431 200766-0 and (+49)-431 200766-1 respectively and will be available from tomorrow on.

An der Holsatiamühle 1, D-24149 Köln
Tel: (+49)-431 - 200766-0
Fax: (+49)-431 - 200766-0 (ps) (Translation: rh)

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