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Bernhard Kellerer (e-mail)

Soundtrack and Boing beachballs sought
My name is Bernhard Kellerer, I am Creative Director of the London film production company "iMagic Films Limited". I am Amiga fan since 1987, foundation member of the Austrian Amiga Club Tirol and still convinced that we'll be "Back For The Future" one day. What always fascinated me about the Amiga is the community that sticked through thick and thin with our "girlfriend". And just this community it is that gave me this idea.

We will soon film a commercial for an Austrian town. It is a low budget production which is made possible only through the (mostly) free of charge working volunteers. Despite the low budget, the 30 - 40 second spot will certainly have a high cinematic standard. It is about a young woman who is catapulted from a dreary surroundings into a fascinating dreamworld. About 150 extras, some fire-eaters, pyros and confetti bombs will provide a proper spectacle. The spot will be shown in many cinemas.

Now we're looking for a piece of music which accompanies the dream journey of our protagonist. GEMA-free music is out of question, but a real movie composer too expensive. Here the community comes into play: there are many talented musicians in the Amiga MOD- and demo-scene who could easily compose a soundtrack for us. Maybe an already existing piece could be modified. We haven't agreed on any music style so far and are thus open for everything.

Since nevertheless some conditions regarding length and structure of the piece should be obeyed, I suggest that people who are interested in the project contact me directly by e-mail.

As a special insider gag it's supposed to rain boing balls which the local firemen will let fall down upon the extras from a net affixed to a ladder. For this, we need a larger number of boing beachballs. And here again the community is asked: who can do without his beachball before the summer vacation? Which dealers have maybe still boing beachballs in stock and could put them shortly at our disposal? Maybe this commercial could later be adapted as an AMIGA commercial.

My postal address is:

Bernhard Kellerer
Langgasse 8
A-6065 Thaur
- Austria -
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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