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Carsten Schröder (ANF)

AMIGA aktuell 08/2001 released
The August issue of AMIGA aktuell contains this time even three top reviews: We take a close look at
  • the AmigaDE in the »Party Pack« version,
  • the PCI busboard »Prometheus« and
  • the soundcard »Repulse«.
Additionally AMIGA aktuell 08/2001 contains
  • the second part of the background report about the legendary »Phoenix« mainboard,
  • the second part of the experience report about the emulator package »AmigaForever«,
  • of course extensive information about the latest AMIGA announcements
and much more. AMIGA aktuell 08/2001 can be read online on our website as well as it can be downloaded in HTML resp. AmigaGuide format.

Attention: As the AMIGA aktuell website is on its way to moving to another server some services, among others the archived online issues, are unusable for quite some time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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