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Robert Williams, Editor Clubbed Magazine (E-Mail)

SEAL: Clubbed Issue 8 Now Available
A brand new issue of Clubbed, South Essex Amiga Link's (SEAL) quarterly subscription Amiga magazine, is available now. All subscriber copies have been posted and should be received in the next week.

We are also happy to announce that you can now buy your Clubbed subscription online from at Kicksoft using a variety of credit and debit cards.

Highlights of issue 8 include:

Networking Explained: Find out how you can connect several Amigas or integrate your Amiga into a network with other platforms. This feature is complemented by a tutorial on setting up network printing with Samba.

Photogenics 5: What did we think of the latest release of this well known art and image processing package?

DrawStudio Tutorial: We guide you through combining bitmap and structured elements in this recently re-released drawing package.

Plus much more (including our first Reader's Wives section!)

If you'd like to know more visit our website for a full contents list and sample articles from previous issues.

Clubbed is a not-for-profit publication. (mj)

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