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Maarten Koopmans (REBOL-ML)

REBOL: Rugby 4 (Request Broker)
Maarten Koopmans and Ernie van der Meer have published the Requester Broker 'Rugby 4' for REBOL-System. With 'Rugby 4' you can send requests (messages) to other REBOL-processes which sends back a result (LDC: Lightweight Distributed Computing). The processes may run on a local computer or on a computer in the Internet. The communication can be done encoded. Compared with the last version the following things have changed:
  • Change: 'poll-for-result' removed. Instead of it there are 'result-available?' and 'get-result' (see documentation for further information).
  • Change: The Serialization was improved and works now noticeably better.
  • New: 'sexec' supports now the options '/oneway' and '/deferred'.
  • New: Rugby-servers support now generation of Stub-code which can be automatically imported of clients with 'get-rugby-service <url>'. Thus for all Rugby-service-functions which are available for <url> Wrapper-functions can be dedicated. Therefore it is possible you only have to write 'echo "lala"' instead of 'rexec [ echo "lala" ]'.
  • New: The main archive contains the source code of Rugby in the modul form.
  • New: Documentation (update of the Rebol Zine-article)

Download: rugby4u.tar.gz (sd) (Translation: dr)

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