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Bernd Bernie Meyer (E-Mail)

Emulator: Today UAE-Jit celebrates 1. anniversary
Today Bernd 'Bernie' Meyer writes on c.s.a.m.:
I did not want to elapse the anniversary completely unnoticed...Today it is one year ago when I announced the very first, slow and rather hacked version of UAE-JIT on comp.sys.amiga.misc which additionally was very bugy. You can find the original posting on Google.

What a year...

Celebrating the day I have composed a site with Amithlon-benchmarks.

It is very interesting to compare the amounts of that time with the ones of today. Now the Celeron333 is a pure developing computer which works under the Celeron566 in the computer room via M-JPEG-Card as a video recorder and therefore I could unfortunately not use both computers for benchmarking...

Take the champagne, celebrate and a threefold hurrah for UAE-JIT...

Bernie (ps) (Translation: dr)

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