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Martin Tauchmann (E-Mail)

Programming: Crossgcc/AmigaOS-68k for Linux/x86 V2.95.3-3 (update)
Martin Tauchmann released version 2.95.3-3 of gcc for AmigaOS/68k as a cross compiler for Linux/x86 on Aminet.

This cross compiler allows to compile Amiga programs - ANSI-C and C++ - for 68k Amigas under Linux/x86. AmigaOS includes are required additionally, which are to find on the Deverloper-CD, Geek Gadgets CD Vol. 2 or FrozenFishCD, for example.

This compiler was compiled with the mpentiumpro option and requires a 686 compatible CPU.

Download: crossgcc_linux.tgz (5,3M), Readme

Update 22. August 2001:
Since there where no version of the above mentioned Crossgcc containing the '-fbaserel'- and '-fbaserel32' bugs on Aminet the following sentence was deleted from this message: 'This version fixes the '-fbaserel' and '-fbaserel32' problems.'. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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