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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: New trojan 'Muahaha'
A new trojan has been found today. The trojan will delete every file that has the "key" in the name of the file. This trojan is just like the that has found of the 15'th of August, named MZ-Makey trojan. But this trojan was found on Aminet, but removed now.

This is what we know of the trojan:

Virus Type.... : Trojan
Trojan size... : 39.048 bytes
Archive name.. : Muahaha.lha
Archive size.. : 39.217 (lha packed)

Archive info.. : Short: muahaha ss-intro
Type : demo/mag
Desc : a intro msg for the ppl interesed... >;)

Thanks to 'JEO' for sending the archive, and to JEO for the test of the archive. (sd) (Translation: sk)

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