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Richard H. Poser II (E-Mail)

Messenger: AmigAIM BETA Version 0.9432
Richard H. Poser has released the betaversion 0.9432 of AmigAIM. It is a client to connect wth the AmericaOnline Instant Messenger (AIM service). Changes (excerpt from the history):

AmigAIM 0.9432 Beta (21. August 2001)
  • When program quit, should just close all the windows without reopening the Startup window.
  • Modification to the Login system as I found that I was using the MOTD for doing some final login routines and was getting the MOTD twice (and having a screwed up login due to it - didn't stop from logging in though)
  • Adjusted Relogin/Reset systems to show Reconnected in the Activity window, as I had intended some time ago (Error was related to the MOTD bug above)
Richard H. Poser schreibt außerdem:
BTW: I'm starting back to school full time (started yesterday, actually), so I may be slow on updating/adding new functions from now on (As at least one person wants me off the computer so I will do more studying). (ps) (Translation: gf)

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