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Matay: Prometheus-News
First Prometheus utility from an independent developer
PromInfo is a MUI combination of PrmScan and RomDump executables that can be found in the Prometheus software package. This small utility was written by Daniel Eriksson. You can find it in the Files section and at his homepage The author will appreciate any input from other Prometheus users.

Fixed Voodoo drivers, more cards supported!
In the Files section you can find fixed Picasso installation package (should stop the "no suitable screenmode" problem). The Picasso Team reports that it should support not only Voodoo3 2000/3000 cards but also Voodoo4 4500. The files are as follows:

Network driver beta 0.17 available
A RTL8029 based network cards driver for Prometheus is available from Files section. It is still beta, yet should be stable and useful. Any found bugs please report to

We would also like to inform our customers that Blittersoft (United Kingdom), Vesalia Computer (Germany) and Virtual Works (Italy) have joined our distributors network in Europe. From now on, you can buy Prometheus PCI bridge also from them.
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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