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Amiga Flame

Amiga Flame: PDA - Interviews with Moss (Amiga) and Steiding (epic)
At Amiga Flame several texts were released for the subject PDA games and AmigaDE. Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc., emphases in the interview, that the main focus of AmigaDE is to provide an environment in which content can be used hardware independent. So the agreement with Sharp allows to use AmigaDE content on Sharp's devices, but Amiga also works together with other companies. AmigaDE already runs on different devices in the laboratory in Snoqualmie, including the currently most popular PDAs as well as those soon to be released, and additional on Linux and Windows desktops. From AmigaOS v4.2 AmigaDE also will be available for AmigaOne machines.

To reduce language problems for the Japanese market in particular games are created to be used via icons only, as much as possible. But in the future there will be a localizing service offered, too.

Epic Interactive announced early August to develop AmigaDE software. Amiga Flame asked Thomas Steiding about the reasons behind this PDA engagement.

On reason for Epic Interactive to support the PDA market are the development times of 2 - 3 month for PDA games, which are definite shorter than for desktop games (18 - 24 month). That gives clear less risk.

Since the PDAs don't match the currently popular 3D titles, these represent a completely different market with card games, puzzles, and shoot'em ups which sale well in the PDA market, but would not be accepted for desktops, these days.

Due to the PDAs low performance compared to desktops Steiding thinks Amiga developers to well suit PDA games development, since those rather are used to handle more inefficient machines than e.g. Windows developers are.

Finally he describes the titles Epic Interactive will release, soon. Those also are listed on Amiga PDA Games along with other titles. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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