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Carsten Schroeder (E-Mail)

Met@box: Refloating loan from the shareholder community?
On 22. August 2001 the 'Metabox AG' enquired a short-term refloating loan in the amount of 1 million Euro from the 'Aktionärsgemeinschaft Metabox' (shareholder community Metabox). This money is needed to maintain business operations until the general meeting. Without this money already within the next few days insolvency proceedings will be opened.

Thereafter the shareholder community formed a delegation, which is inspecting the Metabox AG to estimate chances for sanitation, since last Friday.

From the inspections was derived (quotation):
«1) The company should be sustained. A sellout of the values created by the shareholder's fund should be prevented without fail.

2) We should appeal to make available the required short-term sum of one million Euro. The securities given let us estimate a low loan contingency risk.»

Complete press release under the title link. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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