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Thomas Nosutta (ANF)

ACBB live report from the IFA (Update)
A short report from the IFA (with the kind support of by the ACBB.

In hall 3.2a you will find the Sharp SL5000 (Zaurus). After initial problems (nobody knew about Amiga at the PDA booth) A4k, Trion, and me, Gojira, found Mrs. Boxberg (Product Manager Sharp Germany).

She found very much time to show us a Zaurus with miscellaneous Amiga applications. Later some guy with an Amiga logo on his shirt appeared. That was Sanjay Menon, Vice President Engineering Amiga Inc.. He had a prototype with more applications with him, too.

Mrs. Boxberg mentioned that Sharp is wanting contact with German Amiga developers and there might be an announcement at, soon.

This was the report by the ACBB so far. More information and pictures are on our site. (sd)

Update 27.08.2001:
Here you can find some pictures: (ps) (Translation: mj)

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