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Thomas Steiding (email)

Strategy game: Knights and Merchants (Mac) shipping
Realtime strategic economy simulation Knights and Merchants is now shipping for the Mac. Knights and Merchants recreates the era of the Middle Ages. The player takes on the role of an ordinary captain in the king's Palace guard who finds himself responsible for the defense of the last loyal province. You, the player, must win back all those provinces which once belonged to your king. You have to manufacture different products, making use of numerous buildings and producer goods of the Middle Ages period. One result of your productive labor is the manufacturing of weapons and armor. But your success or failure depends mainly on the structure and organization of your economy. An efficient organization increases production, while a badly organized structure will cause non-stop delays.

  • about 25 different types of buildings , including horse stables, farms and schools
  • over a dozen different types of characters such as serfs, miners or winemakers
  • 10 different types of military units including archers, Knights and pikemen
  • realistic landscape display using complex Gouraud Shading techniques
  • production processes portrayed in detailed animation (watch your horses grow)
  • rendered cutscenes
  • german localisation
  • onscreen hints and tutorial mode provide easy guidance to get started
  • multiplayer Mode for upto 6 players in LAN
  • 20 singleplayer missions
  • 10 multiplayer maps
Knights and Merchants comes in fully localised english, french, german and spanish versions. The distribution in Germany is done by the company Arktis. More Information about Knights and Merchants can be found in the project area on our pages (title link) or under (ps)

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