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WinUAE Homepage (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.17 release 1
Since yesterday is in download area of the WinUAE homepage the WinUAE 0.8.17 release 1 available.

Changes made in version WinUAE 0.8.17 release 1:
  • FIXED: Various AGA and chipset-related fixes. (Bernd#1, Toni Wilen)
  • FIXED: .GZ support in floppy dialog doesn't cause corruption. (Timothy)
  • FIXED: Updated sprite-collision logic which fixes Leander, Archon 1 and 2, Menace, etc. (Toni)
  • FIXED: Updated disk-emulation code, for higher compatability. Also now supports .fdi and high-density .adf images. (Toni, Adil Temel)
  • FIXED: 60Hz support in Dynablaster and BC Kid (Toni Wilen)
  • FIXED: BSD-Socket emulation is mostly working, although bugs still exist. (Bernd#3)
  • FIXED: Picasso96 screens smaller than their display-mode would have crap in their left-hand-border if you grabbed the screen's title-bar and moved the screen to the right.
  • FIXED: Updated copy of rtg.library, including more patches. (Bernd#3)
  • FIXED: You can set the WinUAE resolution in full-screen to whatever you desire. Especially useful so that you set your full-screen size to match your desktop size, and it will prevent all your desktop icons from moving around after exitting WinUAE. (me, Georg)
  • FIXED: Stupid sound_channels=0 stuff in config-files works properly.
  • FIXED: Stupid gfx_center_xxx=yes/no stuff in config-files works properly.
  • FIXED: Selecting an item in the Hard Drives page of the GUI and then moving its position in the list now leaves the item highlighted.
  • FIXED: Detect OS version early, and inform the user appropriately instead of crashing. Windows NT is no longer a supported OS for WinUAE.
  • FIXED: Various little off-by-one pixel errors in the GUI.
  • FIXED: MIDI in/out lists in the Ports page of GUI were behaving strangely.
  • FIXED: Floppy-disc emulation change to allow Shadow of the Beast Trainer to work. (Toni Wilen)
  • FIXED: Small change in MIDI support so that closing MIDI and then reopening it will work properly. (Bernd Roesch)
  • FIXED: Call ahi_install in main.c. No Amiga-side AHI driver yet.
  • FIXED: MIDI-input doesn't have the concept of a "default device", unlike MIDI-output. Changed the GUI and programming accordingly.
  • FIXED: MIDI-output now does the right things with the serial-port after each written byte, which allows some other programs to finally work (MusicX, Deluxe Music, etc.)
  • ADDED: New hook function in uaelib for checking on removable drive state.
  • ADDED: Disk-change status is now tracked via WM_DEVICECHANGE notifications which allows "run >nil: uaediskchange cd0:" in the startup-sequence to work properly. Eject a CD-ROM, and the Amiga knows about it. Insert a new CD-ROM, and the Amiga knows about it. Woo-hoo! NOTE: Probably really buggy.
  • ADDED: New collision-modes, fast-copper mode (not save-able with config).
  • ADDED: State-save support. (Toni Wilen)
  • ADDED: Option in Sound page of GUI to enable/disable synchronized sound.
  • ADDED: Printing of DDCAPS info for display-driver, to help diagnostics.
  • ADDED: FDI disk-image support (Toni Wilen)
  • CHANGED: Tweaked the sound-code yet again, hopefully will get less out of sync. (Jose Gil, myself)
  • CHANGED: Add PC Drives no longer adds the floppy-drives. If you want access to A:, then you'll have to add it manually in the GUI.
  • CHANGED: Added ability to allocate larger amount of ZorroIII memory. (Bernd#3)
  • CHANGED: Added ability to allocate larger amount of RTG (Picasso96) memory. (Bernd#3)
  • CHANGED: Removed Vertical Blank Synchronization (VSync) support in Flip calls. This should increase synchronization and performance in full-screen mode, but may introduce some tearing/artifacting.
  • CHANGED: Use the system "hand" cursor when pointing at web-links in the About page (if available). (Oscar Sillani)
  • CHANGED: Use Tahoma font in About page of GUI.
  • CHANGED: Use up/down icons in the HardDisk page of GUI. (Oscar Sillani)
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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