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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: Safe v17.1
Virus Help Denmark has released version 17.1 of the virus-detector 'Safe' of Zbigniew Trzcionkowski. 'Safe' discovers viruses in the memory of the computer and removes them if possible. Changes since the last version:

  • changed all text output to PutStr(),
  • added security mechanism that will react in case of xvs.library deactivation,
  • fixed installer script to avoid crashing WinUAE and to really replace old file with new one,
  • added to package initial releases of my new AV tools which prospectively become components of new anivirus called MILL. Check them out as they already are functional. Please let me know how they work on your configurations. Special thanks to Soenke Freitag for letting me continue and release his private integrity checker!

Name: Safe v17.1
Archive name: Safe.lha
Archive size: 30.671 Bytes
Release date: 1. October 2001
Coder: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Download: Safe.lha (30 KB), Readme
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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