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Events: AmigaMeeting 2001 in Lodz (Poland)
On October, 6th in Lodz, Poland, the AmigaMeeting 2001 will take place. The event is held by the University of Lodz (Banacha Street 22). Some of the exhibitors:

  • ELBOX Computer (Mediator, G3 Shark)
  • MATAY (Prometheus and software from Hyperion)
  • eFunzine (Amiga e-shop)
  • X-Soft (e.g. the books "Amiga na Infostradzie [Amiga on Infostrada], "Wordworth w praktyce" ["Wordworth in practice"]
  • Fleecy Moss will visit the AmigaMeeting 2001, but this is not confirmed.
The Organizers:
  • X-Soft
  • Mathmatic Section of the University of Lodz
  • Matay

Tel.: ++48 42 630 50 42, 0600 483 029 (Mobil)

Travel route:
From PKP Lodz Kaliska or PKP Lodz Fabryczna Rail Station take the tramway 12 (look at map)

All tickets (price: PLN 15 0 less than DM 10) will take place in a lottery. If you wish to present your Amiga, contact the Organizers - you get free tickets. (pp) (Translation: gf)

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