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Horst Diebel (ANF)

Game: Graphics competition for Schlachtfeld
Horst Diebel wrote:
Since we are urgently needing new graphics for phase 2 of the Schlachtfeld development and our own recources are quite limited, we decided to start a graphics competition.

Since Eddy already eagerly designed units this competition is about creation of background graphics. Those patterns should be of 256+ colours at the size of 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64 pixel.

Different scenarios are needed for the backgrounds, such like swamps, grass or hill landscapes, craggy and rugged mountains, towns, deserts, ....

Partitipants are free to chose a subject - but we would be happy to get informed in advance just to have the chance to discuss our ideas.

As first prices two new A1200s are at our disposal, also there are several packages with Amiga software classics and Aminet CDs. Maybe the number of prices will increase, but we ask you to take into account that this project still is about creating free available software, which of course qualifys what we are able to give as prices :-(

Anybody can participate, the graphics must be free from third-party rights, and in the case of a price winning graphic we must get entitled to use it for comming versions of Schlachtfeld.

Ok, as usual we would be happy to get feedback.... To determine the winners in a way as neutral as possible we called up several representatives of the community to join the jury - but just have a look at the website..... Also there are more information and even more soon.

PS: As usual, of course we still are wanting people who would like to cooperate in this project; conceptional, as programmer or graphics artist. (sd) (Translation: mj)

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