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Virtual Dimension (ANF)

Virtual Dimension: Video interview planned, Star Empire reservation possible
Virtual Dimension wrote:
On 17. and 18. November the 'AMIGA 2001' will take place in Cologne, Germany, and of course we will be there for you, again.

On this occation we are planning to make an interview with one of the Amiga VIPs on the show. Who to interview? That's up to you.

Write your wishes to Who is it you allways wanted to see in front of the camera? What questions would you like to ask him / her? We will collect all of the requests, chart them and then do what ever possible to get this person on tape.

By the way: Who is interested in participating the next StarEmpire round can pencil in from now on, and will contact you as soon as the registration phase has started.

Star Empire II is a round and text basined space strategy game by Christian Becker for up to 32 players. (sd)

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