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Martin R. Elsner (E-Mail)

Tools: ClassAction V4.3, Choowin V1.11, StopMenu
Martin Elsner has released new versions of the filemanager 'ClassAction' and the tool 'Choowin'. A new version of 'StopMenu' is being worked on.

ClassAction V4.3 - Poppping Uppp
The new version of the filemanager carries the sub-title 'Poppping Uppp', because of the new popup-menus like known from 'MagicMenu'. Those replace the old action-list, the main menu, and the drop-down list.

Additionally the following has changed:
  • Both lists of same functionality.
  • New edit menu.
  • Directory buffering.
  • Updating on disk change.
  • Path buttons.
  • Cut'n paste.
  • Search.

ClassAction is aware of more than 40 file formats (gif, jpeg, iff, mods, ...), what makes possible to automatically start operations by just clicking on a file - view, start, edit, translate. It is possible to define new file types and add operations.

Choowin V1.11
This little help tool can start programs, put windows to front and activate them - similar too the Task-Manager. You click on one of the buttons in one corner of the Workbench screen and chose the program or window title from the list displayed.

'ClassAction' and 'Choowin' both require AmigaOS V3.5+.

Development of the start menu 'StopMenu' progresses, but still needs more time. A release date within next week wasn't determined, yet.

StopMenu is a small help tool to start programs and put windows to front and activate them, similar to Windows' start menu.

Download: (sd) (Translation: mj)

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