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Constantinos Nicolakakis (E-Mail)

Tool: SRename 3.0.0 final
SRename is a program which has some more functions as the common 'rename'. Here are some features:

  • Can use wildcards.
  • Total control over recursion, the user can set the level of recursion, starting level of recursion and can even specify a different pattern for entering directories.
  • Can renumber filename sequences without the user having to care for the renumber order or filename clashes because these are taken care of automatically.
  • Can perform numbering of filename sequences.
  • Can modify the filename's comment and transfer the filename to the comment or the reverse.
  • Allows the user to build his/her own functions by providing a command set of selectors and actions that can be combined in many ways.
  • The number of actions that can be executed in one go is only limited by the command line length.
  • It is interface compatible with the OS Rename command.
  • Efficient memory usage.
Download: SRename3.lzx (ps) (Translation: dr)

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