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Markus Lunk (E-Mail)

Movieplayer: SoftCinema version 0.15 (full release)
Version 0.15 of the shareware-movie- and animplayer for Amiga with PPC-support (PowerUP, WarpUP and MorphOS) called 'SoftCinema´ has been published. You can download the program under the title link or under the alternative address.

Changes: V0.15 beta 1
  • WOS and MOS versions added.
  • 30% faster divx;)/opendivx/3iv/h263/i263/intel indeo decoding
  • lot of bugs fixed
  • added audio.device support, via directaudio.library
  • added NOAHI and AHIUNIT options
  • Bugfixes in AVI parser, QT parser and mpeg audio decoder.
  • Much faster AVI indexx loading, up to 1000%.
  • Bugfixed timing routines.
  • Fixed GRAY display on fullscreen.
  • Fixed RGB15PC and RGB16PC display routines.
  • Fixed mpeg audio decoder, should not crash anymore.
  • 10% faster mpeg audio decoding.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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