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Dino Papararo (E-Mail)

Fractal Graphic: FlashMandelWOS 1.5
Version 1.5 of FlashMandelWOS has been uploaded on Aminet in gfx/fract directory. With FlashMandel you can create fractal graphics.

This has changed in the new version:
  • FlashMandel has a new Reaction-GUI. You need OS3.5 (or higher) for this feature. Now it's possible to use all features only by mouse.
  • Added support for Localization for Italian and German languages, others are welcome ;-).
  • A new installer-script makes it easy to install, update or delete FlashMandel.
  • The ppc-routines are reworked, so the speed increases about 12%.
  • Better print-routines for better output, now should be printed the whole A4 paper.
  • Some minor internal changes and optimizations increasing compatibility with all future Amiga clones ;-).
  • and much more...

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