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Cloanto: Amiga Forever 5.0 / Cloanto at AMIGA 2001
Amiga Forever 5.0 is now shipping. It is available in a CD-ROM, CD-ROM Upgrade, Online Edition, Online Upgrade and Cross-Platform Online Edition. Amiga Forever contains state of the art software to satisfy two major needs of many Amiga users: to use their existing Amiga software and data on non-Amiga hardware, and to share data between Amiga and other systems. Additionally, software, tutorial and reference files which are likely to be of interest to any Amiga enthusiast are included.

Features include:
  • Just-in-time (JIT) version of emulation software, carefully configured and publicly benchmarked by Cloanto to be 30 times faster than in previous versions of Amiga Forever
  • Software Manager, an advanced content delivery system developed by Cloanto, for easy and privacy-conscious management of all emulation-related components (updates, downloads, news, etc.)
  • New and fully licensed Picasso96 software (not a shareware version)
  • All software tested on Windows XP
  • All Amiga ROMs up to version 3.1 (the last ROM that will ever be available for the "Classic Amiga"!)
  • CDTV and CD³²  boot ROMs and extended ROMs (can be used to play CDTV and CD³² games, even booting directly from CD-ROM)*
  • MPEG-1 videos: The Deathbed Vigil (one hour and 58 minutes, i.e. the full version of this "must have" video) and Jay Miner Speech (49 minutes)*
  • GlowIcons look (as used in Amiga OS "3.5", "3.9" and "XL", but also compatible with NewIcons and MagicWB)
  • Option to switch entire environment from "new look" (GlowIcons) to "old look" (Classic) and vice versa
  • Amiga Explorer 4.0 (includes revolutionary self-install over serial cable, plus new Cut, Copy, Paste functions)
  • Directory Opus 5.5 (courtesy of GPSoftware)
  • TurboText (exclusive latest version with stack problem fix)
  • Personal Paint 7.1b
  • Built-in support for ADZ and DMS disk image files
  • Print spooler (easily print all Amiga documents under Windows, bypassing parallel port emulation)
  • New MenuBox launcher
  • New emulation and Workbench configuration results in even faster emulation of the Amiga CPU
  • Latest version of WinUAE and WinFellow tested by Cloanto
  • Dozens of other enhancements and add-ons (drag-and-drop LhA, ToolManager, etc.)

Cloanto at Amiga 2001 (Köln)
Seminars will be held at 12:45 on both Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18. You are most welcome to join the presentation of Amiga Forever 5.0, the demos, and the debates. (ps)

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