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Petra Struck

Update for our show report
Since I did not talked to Titan Computer on the show, I called Michael Garlich, today, to be able to add the news from Titan Computer. The details described below have been added to the show report (title link):

Highlight at the booth of Titan Computer was a video cut software "Motion Studio" for MorphOS capable of reading DV format. The development of the software is expected to be released along with the Pegasos board by bplan. It was presented with a beamer what the video cut software already can do. Unfortunately it is not possible to port the software to AmigaOS, due to firwire being required.

More applications under development:

The office package "Papyrus" was finished at 90% for MorphOS and is to be ported to the AmigaOS 4.0 later on.
Candy Factory II, software to create vidoe titles, logos, and web images for MophOS. The created pictures can be imported by MotionStudio using an interface.
A MorphOS version of Burn-IT Pro (DVD burning software) was presented. Said to be finished until April 2002.

Games under development:

Beside of the above mentioned applications Titan Computer is developing two new games, too. "Rage Hard" is a 3D multiplayer shooter similar to Counterstrike. This game is being developed for MorphOS and the new Amigas. "Alien Nations" is another game for MorphOS and AmigaOS (PPC) under development, a build-up strategy game similar to Settlers.

Titan Comuter will port their current software product line to MorphOS, as much titles as possible. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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