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PDA: AmigaNCP V2.2 Beta 2
AmigaNCP is an implementation of the Psion link protocol which is e.g. built into the Psion S3/S3a/S3C and Psion S5 palmtop's ROM. It's main purpose is to provide vice-versa nfs-like file access.

This small update (untested, due to lack of Psion), tries to fix the following two reported issues:
  • NCP_LinkRemoteRun() now allows up to 128 chars file names in EPOC32 (S5) mode
  • AmigaNCP-FileSystem now (hopefully correctly) implementes ACTION_SET_DATE; this should fix the "datestamps not set for backup" problems reported by some people
  • fixed file format for Amiga2Psion clipboard functionality (hopefully)
  • now sends a "Clipboard changed" message to the remote clipboard server when a clipboard exchange has been executed (hopefully)
AmigaNCP requires:
  • AmigaOS 2.04 or better (localization supported).
  • the IBM-PC version of the 3-Link cable.

Download: amigancp_22beta2.lha (27K), README (sd)

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