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Amiga Arena

Amiga Arena: Interview with Florac Roland (AmiCAD)
Olaf Köbnik wrote:
Amiga Arena - Interview Project
The Amiga still offers specialized application software solutions, today, but which unfortunately aren't widely spread due to small usership. "AmiCAD" is one of those programs, which is being developed by Florac Roland. This software is about an editor for creation of electronic wiring diagrams.

The Amiga Arena talked to Florac Roland about developing "AmiCAD" and regrettably it turns out again that there is less than few feedback from the users.

Florac Roland still is urgently wanting users to help him in translating and creating a guide.

"AmiCAD" really is an interesting software and ought to be supported to ensure further development.

Who would like to help with the German localization or manual might write to: Florac Roland ( (sd) (Translation: mj)

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