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Marius Schwarz (ANF)

The OOP4A-Project joins forces with PowerD and WizardClasses
"The OOP4A-Project joins forces with PowerD and WizardClasses"
"Stefan Robl, author of OS 3.9's AmiDock, has agreed to support the OOP4A project by providing his class system 'WizardClasses' which is extensively used in all of his programs. The class system also contains - among many other classes - a GUI class system. We hope to release a first package sometime in Q1, 2002 - this will enable programs using OOP4A to use GUI in a truly object oriented way as well.
Martin Kuchinka, author of the PowerD programming language, agreed too to support the OOP4A-Project within PowerD.

New features in this weekend's release of OOP4A are argument types and method overloading. These are the last basic oop functions which had to be implemented, so that the next releases will concentrate on building new classes."

OOP4A stands for Object Oriented Programming for All and offers full oop support to nearly any programming language used on the Amiga. Project start was the around the 5.10.2001. German Pages see title link.

English Pages

Marius Schwarz (ps) (Translation: rh)

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