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Hynek Schlawack (E-Mail)

Mailer: SimpleMail Version 0.13
Yesterday was released SimpleMail Version 0.13. The changes are:

  • Included a real manual at last. Thanks to David Rey!
  • SMTP over SSL.
  • POP3 connections can be made secure with the STLS command now. (RFC 2595)
  • Primitive ARexx-port.
  • Support for playing sounds.
  • Taglines, the last %t in the signature will be replaced by a tagline.
  • Folders holding unread mails are hilighted now.
  • Localization.
Please note: if you downloaded your archive before 2001/12/08, 0:30 am, there were informations about the taglines missing in the guide so the guide has been replaced just now. If you don't want to download the whole archive again, here is the changeg paragraph:

Tick this box if you want SimpleMail to automatically add a random tagline to every email you write. Simply insert a %t in the signature and it will be replaced by a random tagline found in .taglines when composing a mail.

Sorry for the inconvience.

Download: simplemail.lha - 306 KB (ps)

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